Learning Communities Submission


For a detailed description of each of the communities listed below to assist you in choosing the learning community that is the best fit for you, please visit our Learning Community Program website.

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Living and Learning Communities

Rank each of the following Living and Learning Communities from 1-6. 
1 being your top choice, 6 being your last choice. 
  • Academic and Career Exploration                    
  • Body Language
  • Realizing Dreams
  • Spectacle
  • Voices of Justice
Learning Communities

Rank each of the following Learning Communities from 1-8.
1 being your top choice, 8 being your last choice.
  • Balance
  • Cabrini Cruisers
  • Common Grounds
  • Communication LC
  • The Educators
  • Men of Color Leadership Academy
  • #NoFilter
  • Writers, Ink.